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You are probably here for one of two reasons: you are here because you either heard about dressage and became interested in learning, or you are struggling to get better at the sport. If you are looking to improve your training and find a dressage coach in Tacoma or Olympia in Washington, look to Patty. Patty Russell offers 25 plus years of experience in training and instruction in dressage. She has a strong background in dressage and horse eventing.

Patty has her bronze, silver, and gold medal from the USDF. Over the years, she has won multiple awards for horse of the year and all breeds awards. She brings a fun positive approach to her training and instruction using the correct basics and building on them to help bring the horse and rider up through the levels.

She has cliniced with some of the most accomplished riders in the world and continues her education to the present day. Lessons, training, coaching at shows all available. Find a dressage coach in Washington who is committed to your success—call Canter Lane Dressage at (360)790-4172.

About Patty Russell